About us

 Ano-Brite Inc was founded in 1990. Since the early days, we have recognized the need to serve our customers with high quality finishes, prompt deliveries, and reasonable prices.
When you contact Ano-Brite, you always talk to the principals. There are no intermediaries. This formula has always been successful, and it is part of Ano-Brite's work ethic and philosophy.
We do extensive research to provide customers with the most recent developments in the metal finishing industry, and we have developed unique printing techniques on aluminum with high resolution and unlimited number of colors and shades.
Our semi-automatic racking equipment and our overhead hoist system permits us to process parts quickly and with outstanding consistency. This translates to fewer rejects, high quality and fast turnarounds.
We are committed to preserving the environment. ANO-BRITE, INC. operates with a state of the art recovery system that permits us to reuse our process chemistry over and over. Emissions to the atmosphere are negligible, noxious gases are washed prior to discharge. There is no discharge to the sewer service because we operate with a closed loop system.
In short, Ano-Brite is a company that will go the extra mile to satisfy our customers' finishing needs.